Entrecarder Adventures

The EntreBank is Closed  

Please buy your ECs directly from Entrecard.


Entrecard Starts Selling Credits!  

Yesterday was an important day for Entrecard and its members as it marked the first time that Entrecard officially sold credits, with the price set at $9.50 per 1000. The EntreBank has been selling credits since January 2008 and will continue to do so up until the time that Entrecard says we can't. Why? We believe you should have choices and that it is healthy for the community to have 3rd party EC vendors.

Our price today is $8 per 1000.

Paypal only. Please contact us via the Entrecard messaging system.


Entrecard Credit Info - February 26, 2008  

1000 Credits are being sold for:

Via PayPal Widget on their site:
Turnip of Power - $10.50
Techie Guy - $10
One Million Readers - $11.50
Shop Dog Diaries - $10
ReapMoneyOnline - $10

Entrecash - $11
Entrecredits - $9.50

Contact us for special orders! Contact Individual Vendors if you are interested in selling your Entrecard credits.